double negative

My work is fully independent of anybody else’s, and it comes directly out of myself. What ever I was doing, I was doing it first. And whatever I was doing, I was doing it myself. Michael Heizer, 1977
I listened to him talking about it and I suddenly realized that he was talking about the purest kind of art there is, an art that can’t sell, that I could own, that would even be a hardship for me to see, but nevertheless owning it would give me some kinship to having itit, that i would have it even if it’s not in my house on the wall. I said « Go ahad, do it. I’ll pay for it. Robert Scull

scale and size,

le départ

mots – words
it’s a big country

Nostalgia born of the immensity of the Texan hills and the sierras of New Mexico: gliding down the freeway, smash hits on the Chrysler stereo, heat wave. Snapshots aren’t enough. We’d need the whole film of the trip in real time, including the unbearable heat and the music. We’d have to replay it all from end to end at home in a darkened room, rediscover the magic of the freeways and the distance and the ice-cold alcohol in the desert and the speed and live it all again on the video at home in real time, not simply for the pleasure of remembering but because the fascination of senseless repetition is already present in the abstraction of the journey. The unfolding of the desert is infinitely close to the timelessness of film… »

« J’ai cherché l’Amérique sidérale, celle de la liberté vaine et absolue des freeways, jamais celle du social et de la culture – celle de la vitesse désertique, des motels et des surfaces minérales, jamais l’Amérique profonde des mœurs et des mentalités. J’ai cherché dans la vitesse du scénario, dans le réflexe indifférent de la télévision, dans le film des jours et des nuits à travers un espace vide, dans la succession merveilleusement sans affect des signes, des images, des visages, des actes rituels de la route, ce qui est le plus proche de l’univers nucléaire et énucléé qui est virtuellement le nôtre jusque dans les chaumières européennes.
Baudrillard, America